Figure in the New Zealand Landscape Victoria Ginn

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Figure in the New Zealand Landscape  by  Victoria Ginn

Figure in the New Zealand Landscape by Victoria Ginn
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Be the Exception to the RuleBobby is the married father of three. He takes his role as head of his household seriously. He put before his children a positive example of black love, the importance of knowledge and other life’s lessons true to being an African American in today’s climate. One of those lessons he instilled his in children is the need to be the exception to the rule. These are lessons that his family, particularly his son, will have to rely on after Bobby’s tragic death and the subsequent circumstances that befall the family.I absolutely loved the positive portrayal of a young black family.

Through the father Bobby, the author Bobby Trufant drops many jewels. The father didn’t just talk it- he walked it and made it a part of everyday living as he never let an opportunity to instill lessons in his children pass.

And he did so in a way of not being preachy. Subsequently, the author was able to do the same with readers. The only drawback was that there was so much conveyed in less than 200 pages. I feel that it would have been more effective had the author expanded the story and allowed for more development and explanation of the plot and characters. It resulted in a somewhat rushed and too neatly packaged ending. There were a few editing issues, including a flip flop in narration. That said, “Exception to the Rule” is a positive and refreshing read.Reviewed by: Toni3.5 stars

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