The Recurrence Lilia Seven

ISBN: 9781497583153

Published: February 27th 2011


182 pages


The Recurrence  by  Lilia Seven

The Recurrence by Lilia Seven
February 27th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 182 pages | ISBN: 9781497583153 | 5.73 Mb

This book presents to the world a part of the truth hidden for 2000 years, or ignored or forgotten. What is this truth about? Simple: The Saviours Miracles. I could never say that the decision to write Messengers of Light was mine, it would be a huge lie- everything was transmitted to me to the slightest detail, all that was left for me to do was to put everything down on paper and follow instructions regarding printing, graphics and issuing procedures.

But that book had just come out of printing, when something that was indeed connected to it, changed my life. Only that what was happening to me this time went beyond what I had been living for the past eleven years. The natural question Have I gone mad or not? and the many phone calls to acquaintances and friends who were psychiatrists represented all an unknown way of life for me.

The answers were the same every time, you are a paranormal, and everything that is happening to you has an explanation and a very convincing one. This was the phrase heard from my friend Laurentiu, a well known psychiatrist. I had reached the point when I actually wanted to be diagnosed, having a prescription filled out so that the next day, the last eleven years of my life would vanish. Not having found such a gracious person, I decided to accept things as they were, even if what I was living caused me tears and suffering, and simply wait and see what else could happen. Me, the one who had faced all kind of unusual events and handled them, I was paradoxically connecting myself to something extremely earthly and without any possibility of solving, solely from my desire of not accepting the unseen Universe, just as I had actually done the first time.

What followed was a meeting with my seven friends, on Erra ship, that cleared things for me once and for all. Considering that everything that happen there didnt resemble the other meetings, I must remain very discrete, and not discuss anything that occurred during that meeting. I kept the promise I made to myself, and slowly The Recurrence took shape.

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